Sunday Bible Study

Each Sunday at 9am, before we gather to worship, we offer Bible study classes for children and adults. For more on children’s Sunday School, click here.


The Bible: Applying it to Our Context

Led by Will Acuff & Cody Balfour
This spring semester class includes an overview of what the Bible says about redemption—from Genesis to Revelation—and an introductory look at the person and work of Jesus Christ. This class will be interactive and aims to explain the major themes of the Bible to those curious about Christianity, new Christians who want to grow in their understanding of the Bible, and seasoned Christians who want to engage their neighbors with the Bible.

Knowing God

Led by Seth Jones & Josh Shive
In this class we’ll be walking through J.I. Packer’s Knowing God, one of the 20th centuries most influential Christian books and a wonderful introduction to what the Bible says about God. Any healthy and meaningful relationship depends on knowledge of the other person. To truly know someone, you need to know a lot about them. You need to know what they’re like, what they enjoy, what they’ve been through, and what their goals in life are. That’s why learning about God from the Bible is so important, and Packer’s book is a clear and helpful guide. There’s no need for weekly reading to participate in the class, but if you do want to read along we’ll have books available for purchase.

“Knowing God” Reading and Discussion Schedule:
1/15 - Intro
1/22 - The Study of God (Ch. 1)
1/29 - The People Who Know Their God (Ch. 2)
2/05 - Knowing and Being Known (Ch. 3)
2/12 - The Only True God (Ch. 4)
2/19 - Special Session: The Role and Qualifications of Elders
2/26 - God Incarnate (Ch. 5)
3/05 - He Shall Testify (Ch. 6)
3/12 - God Unchanging (Ch. 7) and The Majesty of God (Ch. 8)
3/19 - God Only Wise (Ch. 9) and God’s Wisdom and Ours (Ch. 10)
3/26 - Thy Word Is Truth (Ch. 11)
4/02 - The Love of God (Ch. 12) and The Grace of God (Ch. 13)
4/09 - God the Judge (Ch. 14) and The Wrath of God (Ch. 15)
4/16 - Goodness and Severity (Ch. 16) and The Jealous God (Ch. 17)
4/23 - The Heart of the Gospel (Ch. 18)
4/30 - Sons of God (Ch. 19)
5/07 - Thou Our Guide (Ch. 20)
5/14 - These Inward Trials (Ch. 21)
5/21 - The Adequacy of God (Ch. 22)