Our Commitments

God-Centered Worship

We believe that worship is our response to what the Bible tells us God is like. So, the focus of our weekly corporate worship gatherings–of our readings, prayers, singing, and sermons–is what the Bible tells us about the character of God and his work on our behalf. Emphasizing congregational participation rather than individual performances, we reflect on the promises of the gospel; we sing together to God and to each other; and we hear and respond to the word of God explained through expositional sermons. For more on worship, click here.

Gospel-Centered Discipleship

The gospel is not just a means of saving us but the DNA that sets pattern of our growth as Christians. Discipleship is about learning to see how the message of the gospel impacts life. So our teaching and small group discussions will focus on Jesus as the subject of the Bible’s overarching story, and the gospel as the key to life transformation. For more on discipleship opportunities, click here.

Covenant-Shaped Community

The Bible teaches that the Christian life cannot be lived alone, that discipleship comes through sharing life with other believers. Throughout both the Old and New Testaments, God chose to reveal his character in the world through specific communities that he graciously called out and set apart. According to Jesus, what distinguishes his followers in the world, what marks them as his disciples, is primarily their love for one another (Jn 13:34-35). The foundation of our community, then, is not the surface ties of normal life–ties like age, race, interests or economic status–but the covenant we make to love each other as we have been loved by Christ. This covenant, like marriage, involves both remarkable privilege and sacred responsibility, both joyful freedom and serious accountability. It means praying for each other, sharing joy and sorrow, challenging each other to repent when we sin, and setting aside our own interests to serve others. For more on church membership, click here.

Christlike Ministry

We wish to model our ministry towards those outside the church on the example of Jesus’s life and work, which we believe has two major implications for us.

First, Jesus came preaching the kingdom of God and urging all people to turn away from sin and believe in him. He taught that he had to die as a ransom for many, but that he would rise again. And then he commissioned his followers to be witnesses to these same truths about himself. We believe this gospel message is the primary solution to the deepest human needs, and faith in Jesus comes only to those who hear this message clearly explained. So we will put a premium on personal evangelism and international missions.

Second, beyond the primary emphasis on verbal witness to the gospel, Jesus’s life and work offer both a model and a rationale for ministries of mercy. Throughout his ministry, Jesus showed compassion for the physical needs of the poor, the sick and disabled, the hungry, the outcasts. His ministry was consistent with what both the Old and New Testaments present as a crucial test of authentic piety, namely, care for the poor, the widow, the orphan, and the alien. And in his sacrificial death for us, Jesus provided the central rationale for our ministries of mercy: we must love others freely and sacrificially as we have been loved, offering a visual aid pointing towards the gospel through our care for those in need. For more information, visit our pages on international and local ministry.