The New Testament consistently teaches that the distinguishing mark of Jesus’ followers will be their self-denying love for each other, a love modeled on the sacrificial love of Christ (see, for example, John 13:34-35 & Ephesians 4:31-32). We believe that the most effective way to practice this radically distinctive love is to make a public, formal commitment to a specified group of fellow believers. What constitutes Trinity as a local church, rather than simply an occasional gathering of Christians, is a covenant of promises to care for and submit our lives to each other. Take a look at our church covenant here.

For more info on why membership matters and what it looks like in practice, check out some great material on the subject at 9Marks.

New Members Class

If you’re interested in learning more about membership at Trinity, we offer an interactive introduction once each quarter. For info on the next class contact Matt McCullough.