The Bible describes God as a God of light, revealing truth that illuminates our hearts and minds. The foundation of our worship is the fact that God has spoken to us. In the Bible, he has told us what he is like and, just as important, what he has done for us. When we gather for worship, we reflect the light shone on us in his Word, back to God in praise and thanksgiving and towards each other for mutual encouragement. In our weekly services we read God’s Word, pray God’s Word, sing God’s Word, and hear God’s Word preached to us.

  • We read together and pray over passages that speak of the glorious being and nature of God, the terrible reality of our sin, and the message of hope and redemption in Christ.

  • We sing, to God and each other, songs that celebrate the wonderful character of God, songs that confess our sinfulness, and songs that thank God for the beautiful promise that he has made a solution for problems too big for us.

  • And we hear sermons that explain the meaning of the Bible and its individual books, their meaning as written in their original contexts and as applied to our lives in this time and place.